For the first time participants (of WSSA SG Stacking competitions) –

Kindly note that the one-time registration fee allows you to take part in all the available events spelled out in the Tournament Package.

If you do not have any Doubles partners / Relay teams; please just fill up the Individual Registration form and submit; if you do have Doubles Partner, please fill up the Doubles portion. Your Doubles Partner and you must both be in agreement to make a Doubles Team (indicate accordingly on your forms);

Each Relay Team only needs to submit one form (but all 4 members must be in agreement to form a team);

Your registration is only complete upon 1) WSSA SG receiving your completed form (signature can be completed on actual day, so don’t need to print out and scan); and 2) WSSA SG receiving your registration fee (by Cheque, cash, inter-bank transfer or ATM transfer are all acceptable)

Please write to if you’d have any questions or doubts on the above.