Please note there are some changes in Teams with Team addition and Team Name change; please note the below updated list with updated RTC!

Parents of Sport Stackers assigned to be RTC of their team, please let your children take up this additional responsibility as a training for them to be leader in this small group, we trust this will be useful next time as they’d lead bigger groups!

Sport Stackers going for the 1 July Sport Stacking competition – I hope you are stacking well!
One common “problem” we face at local competitions, is that the organizers were the ones who try to allocate stackers into your respective teams. Sometimes the team members don’t know each other and have trouble locating their teams, time sheets, stickers etc;
For this competition, it will be organized according to your respective team relays; for each team we have identified a Relay Team Coordinator (RTC).
I’d like to ask that the RTC have their RTC sticker stick unto them at a visible place (arm / clothes, for example) – so that it is clear that you are holding unto some time sheets + stickers that might be belonging to some stackers looking for it:

Below are the RTCs and their respective teams:
Team Name: RTC

1- Team Adult Champs: Max Lim

2-   Team AMK: Panaree (Margaux)

3- Team Bishan: Nur Afidah Bte Md Yusri

4- Team Bukit Batok: Ilham

5- Team Canberra: Xin Lin Xu

6- Team CCK: Shane Yeo

7- Team Changi: David Goh-Pereira

8- Fast But Not Furious: Felicia Toh

9- The Flash: Joanna Tan

10- M’sia The Best: Brandon Low Ka Ming

11- Team Not KIDding: Yun Yun Ong

12- Team Pasir Ris: Winnie Hiew

13- Team PH Power: Steve Tubao

14- Team Sembawang: Xan Wu

15- Team Siglap: Anna Begbie

16- Team SG-IN: Charlotte Kimberly

17- Team SG-PHP: Aryan Sibal

18- St Stephen’s Team: Ayush Piyasena

19- Sweetwater: Anastasia Phoebe Tan

20- Team Toa Payoh: Jerry Leong

21- Team Woodlands: Justin Hernandez

22- Team Yishun: Nur Qarina